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Joomla Tips and Tricks

Securing you Joomla website

How to prevent your Joomla 1.5.x website from being hacked?

There are two things you must do in order to keep you Joomla site safe and hack free.

1. Change default super admin

The default super admin number is '62' for all Joomla installs. There is a security risk if you don't change this.

First, go to the user manager then create a new super admin.

Second, login as the new super admin and then delete the default super admin created by Joomla.

2. Keep you Joomla up to date with the latest version

Simply go to this website:

Download the correct upgrade package.

Upload it to the root of your Joomla installation by FTP.

Unzip the uploaded file. Allow all files to replace existing ones

That's it you are done! You now have updated your Joomla site.

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Creating a Simple Membership Site

You can create a simple Joomla membership site with Joomla core components. Simply do the following:

1. Creating users can be done in two methods:

a. Admin assigns the user and password. In this case you have to disallow user registration at the Global Configuration - System - Users Settings.

b. If you wan users to register themselves go the Global Configuration - System - Users Settings and allow registration.

A confirmation link will be sent to the registrats email.

2. For users to be able to login enable 'mod_login'. You can assing redirect link when the user is signed in and signed out.

. Assign the menu link to be 'Registered' as image below


Only registerd users can go here. If they are not logged in a warning message will show up.

3. Super Admins can manage users by going to Control Panel - Users Manager.  Super Admins can create, delete or edit users here.

Simple as 1-2-3! Your membership site is setup! If you want to sell memberships you will have to purchase some commercial extensions but this is good enough...

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Joomla Extensions for Schools

Today I am going to discuss what are the standard extensions that are need for school website.

Since Joomla 1.6.x is still very new - I will only discuss extensions for Joomla 1.5.x components.

I highly recommend the following:

1. JCE Editor

This is a must for all Joomla websites it is What You See Is What You Get editor for Joomla.

Go to their website

2. eXtplorer

This is a systems files manager - something like Apple's Finder of Windows's Windows Explorer. You can upload, down, rename, delete and edit files here without using a FTP software.

Go to their website

3. DocMan

This is a Document Management system that allows administrators to upload files, organize who can see the files and also track download statistics.

Go to their website

4. JoomFish

This is the best multilanguage software for Joomla. Note that this is not a automatic translator like Goolge Translation. This is a software that helps you maintain a multi language website.

Go to their website

5. Phoca Gallery

This is the best image gallery component that I have used for Joomla. You can create seperate categories and also insert the gallery into to your content.

Go to their website

6. MySite Site Generator

This is a automatic sitemap generator for your Joomla website. This is a must for all websites.

Go to their website

7. JEvents

This is an amazing events components. It has a lot of features and design options

Go to their website

8. JForms

This is a award winning component for Joomla. It is the easiest to use drag and drop forms component in the markt.

Go to their website

9. Akeeba Backup

Last in the list but probably my favorite. This is an amazing easy to use simple backup and restore software for Joomla. You can easily move websites from one domain to another in minutes.

Go to their website

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